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Over the years we have worked with building contractors and architects on a wide range of building projects all over London and Surrey and the South East. From surveys and reports to temporary works and steel connections, we are proud to be able share some recent projects with you.  I have included some images below from projects that our company has worked on as part of a larger team. 

North London Project

Project Details

I had the great opportunity to be the project engineer for this challenging project in North London, when I was working for a leading engineering consultancy in the UK.

This particular project which compromises of a single storey reinforced concrete basement, pool enclosure, and a steel frame for the superstructure was constructed with the method bottom up.

Foundation method is suspended slab onto ground bearing beam strips to equalize the bearing stratum with the loads over.
A significant amount was saved towards the client by removing the need of tension piles when we came up with the idea of projecting the basement slab outwards of the retaining walls and using the self weight of the ground perimetrically to keep the basement in place and avoid buoyancy from the hydrostatic pressure.

Notting Hill Project

Project Details

I had the great opportunity to obtain excessive temporary works experience by working with one of the best temporary works engineers in the last 5 years.

I was the temporary works engineer for a numerous prestige residential properties in west London and in particular the Notting Hill area.

We were responsible for the stability of the building in its tempoary condition while the permanent structural elements were installed.

Main challenges included the lateral propping of the ground and adjacent buildings whilst excavating deep basements, the support of the superstructure on needles and temporary works piles and also ensuring that the movement of the affected buildings are kept within the acceptable limits.

Renovations & Extensions Project

Project Details

We have produced structural drawings and calculations in hundreds for new builds, all types of extensions and conversions.

Our primary goal when working on these types of project is to combine an economical but viable solution and also achieve what the client wants.

Depending on the scale of these projects the clients themselves may be managing the professionals. This means that we are in direct contact with the client and understand the importance of achieving the best solution possible for minimum cost.

Over the past 10 years, we have amassed vast experience working closely with clients on their structural projects. Services often include  managing the whole project from the very start to the end. This has enabled a trusted relationship to be forged with our clients who use us time and time again and are happy to recommend us.

Steel connections

Project Details

We have great experience in designing steel to steel connections and are appointed by numerous steel fabricators around London to complete this task for them.

We approach each connection uniquely no matter how simple or complicated it is.
Using the latest’s connection softwares, we can produce transparent drawings and will approve the viability of the connection by minimising cost and approving that the connections can be completed physically on site.

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